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    Physicians… join us for the rest of 2015 at 1/2 the standard dues rate! You will be able to see how much AMS is doing for individual physicians as well as healthcare in Arkansas as a whole.

  • Physicians Achieve Great Legislative Successes

    The Arkansas Medical Society went 8-0 during the recently adjourned meeting of the Arkansas General Assembly.

  • Is your doctor a member?

    Physicians who are members of the Arkansas Medical Society are actively involved in protecting the interests of their patients. They are committed to improving healthcare and through the medical society, have the collective power to make positive changes for us all.

  • CDL-Medical Examiner Training

    The trucking industry is growing & new drivers need medical exams. Become a certified medical examiner today. Register before July 31, 2015, and receive 10% off.

Time to let our voices be heard.

“We are at a critical juncture in medicine and it is time for each physician to step up and let our voices be heard. It is up to us to set the landscape for our future and for those that will come after us. If you are not yet an AMS Member, I hope you will join me today.”


- Keith Mooney, MD
Little Rock

AMS Benefits, Inc.
Univ. of OK
Smith Capital