• Medical Board Vacancy

    Two vacancies will occur December 31, 2014, from the 4th District on the Arkansas State Medical Board.

  • AMS Fall Meeting

    Join us Oct 30-31 at Mount Magazine. All members are invited to discuss issues that could be considered at the 2015 legislative session. Get involved and make a difference!

  • New CDL-Medical Examiner Training

    CMV drivers must have exams performed by a certified medical examiner. Over 30,000 Medical Professionals are listed on the national registry, are you?

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We are the voice of medicine.

“It is vital for physicians to have their interests represented. We are the voice of medicine when it comes to issues that affect healthcare and our patients. We are also the group that gives us a voice on the national level. If you are not yet an AMS Member, I hope you will join me today.”

- Scott Ferguson, MD
West Memphis

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