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The Arkansas Medical Society is made up of over 4,500 physicians and other medical professionals from across all 75 counties in Arkansas.

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Name City Specialty
Abate, MatthewLittle Rock---
Abdallah, Al-OlaLittle RockInternal Medicine
Abdel-Karim, Isam AliFort SmithInternal Medicine
Abdelnaem, EsameldenLittle RockAnesthesiology
Abel, Lee C.---Retired
Abla, Adib AdnanLittle RockNeurological Surgery
Abochale, EyadLittle RockInternal Medicine
Aboud, OrwaLittle RockNeurology
Abraham, Anes W.---Pediatrics
Abraham, AnthonyBatesvilleGeneral Surgery
Abraham, Carl J.JonesboroInfectious Diseases
Abraham, Dana C.Little RockGeneral Surgery
Abraham, Edwin J.---Anesthesiology
Abraham, Jacob E.Hot SpringsPhysical Medicine & Rehabilitation
Abraham, James H.Little RockRheumatology
Abraham, LadlyLittle RockPulmonary Diseases
Abraham, Robert E.JonesboroNeurological Surgery
Abraham, Rtika RyfkaLittle RockInternal Medicine
Abramo, ThomasLittle RockPediatrics
Abrams, Joe A.CabotFamily Practice
Abuabdou, Ahmed---Internal Medicine
Abualsuod, Amjad Mahmoud JLittle RockInternal Medicine
Abuelem, TarekLittle Rock
Abul-Ezz, Sameh R.Little RockNephrology
Achanta, Latha MadhaviLIttle RockInternal Medicine
Displaying 1 - 25 of 4,356 Next »