AMS’s advocacy efforts are brought to the forefront at the state Capitol,
and we work to make sure Arkansas physicians ALWAYS have a seat at the table.

Members: Join us for a bi-weekly Zoom call to discuss legislation filed and strategies to reach our legislative goals, and learn how you can help support AMS in these efforts. There is no cost to attend, but you must register.

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Latest News from AMS Governmental Affairs

  • 2023 Legislative Session in Full Swing
    The 94th General Assembly has started and although it appears to be off to a slow start, there has been a lot of activity behind the scenes.   PRIOR AUTHORIZATION The top priority for AMS this session is legislation for a prior authorization gold card. If passed, the legislation would make prior authorizations unnecessary for a certain […]
  • From the AMA: Medicare Physician Payment System On the Brink
    Congressional inaction on the Medicare physician payment system in the “lame duck” sessionwill immediately threaten patient access to physician care. Medicare beneficiaries’ access to a physician is in jeopardy due to a planned 8.42% cut in Medicare reimbursements starting January 1, 2023. Congress has historically suspended many of these cuts (sometimes at the last minute) […]
  • Congress to Vote on Scope-of-Practice Expansion Bill TODAY, June 7
      Urge Your Congressman to Vote NO to H.R. 6087   Your action is needed NOW to stop a scope-of-practice expansion bill in Congress. H.R. 6087, “Improving Access to Workers’ Compensation for Injured Federal Workers Act,” is being fast-tracked in the U.S. House of Representatives and is scheduled for a House floor vote today, June 7 under “suspension of the rules,” a procedural […]

Why Should Physicians Get Involved in Politics?

Whether in private practice or employed, physicians are undoubtedly impacted multiple times a day by the decisions legislators have made. 

Watch our video to hear why it’s important to get to know your legislators.

It is vital to have a voice in the room when those decisions are made; often, those that make the decisions see issues from a 30,000 feet level and they need the perspective of how their decisions would impact the practice level.

We encourage you to reach out to and get to know your legislators so that you can share your insight and medical expertise regarding crucial issues that will come up.

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Updates on New Legislative Districts and 2022 Elections.

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When we strongly support successful physician-friendly candidates, we build closer, stronger relationships that can continue our ability to provide successful advocacy for Arkansas physicians and their patients.

The most effective and efficient way for most AMS members to help physician-friendly candidates is to contribute to the political arm of the Arkansas Medical Society, ArkMed-PAC.

ArkMed-PAC needs your financial support. The stronger financially ArkMed-PAC is, the more help it can provide to those physician-friendly candidates around the state. Please join us in the fight as we attempt to do our best to become the best that we can be.

AMS Governmental Affairs Team

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Executive Vice President

H. Scott Smith, JD

Director, Governmental Affairs

Laura Hawkins

Legislative Support Specialist

Laura Haywood

Membership & Communications Specialist

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