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The Campaign for Real Tort Reform

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In 2003, Arkansas physicians led the fight for medical tort reform in Arkansas and it worked. Medical malpractice filings dropped and insurance providers returned to Arkansas. But over the last 14 years, the Arkansas Supreme Court gutted the medical tort reform provisions. The court has made it clear that it will take a constitutional amendment, approved by Arkansas voters, to have lasting civil justice reforms.

The Arkansas Medical Society, along with other groups across the state, created Arkansans for Jobs and Justice to inform and mobilize the voters necessary to win this campaign. A constitutional amendment will be on the November ballot that limits attorney fees, caps non-economic damages, and gives the legislature the authority to pass measures such as the affidavit of merit.

We expect this campaign to be historically expensive because the trial lawyers on the other side will spare no expense to defeat it. Now is the time to take action.


Press Release: The Time for Tort Reform is NOW

Press Release: Arkansans for Jobs and Justice Launches Campaign for Real Tort Reform in Arkansas