COVID-19 Emails

Archived COVID-19 Emails from AMS

Below are the COVID-19 communications we have sent through email.  Keep in mind, some information in earlier emails may not be relevant at the present time.

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March 2021

February 2021

January 2021


  • 12-23-20_Email Update
    • Update on when private practices and medical clinics may be vaccinated.
  • 12-15-20_Email Update
    • Arkansas Receives Initial Shipment of 25,000 Doses of COVID Vaccine
  • 12-9-10_Email Update
    • Link to Updated Monoclonal Antibody Therapy Sites Across Arkansas
  • 12-4-20_Email Update
    • Unemployment Insurance Fraud; ADH Updates Quarantine Guidelines; Monoclonal Antibody Therapies Available; PPE Request
  • 12-3-20_Email Update
    • Emergency Use Authorization for the Use of Monoclonal Antibody Therapies for Mild to Moderate Covid-19;  PPE Request; CMS Announces Permanent Expansion of Medicare Telehealth Services and Improved Payment for Time Doctors Spend with Patients


  • 11-17-20_Email Update
    • N95 Group Purchase through ActionPPE; ADH Covid-19 Vaccination Program Enrollment for AR Clnics
  • 11-13-20_Email Update
    • ACHI Health Policy Board Releases Thanksgiving Recommendations;  CMS’s Vaccine Codes and PC-ACE Software Update
  • 11-11-20_Email Update
    • New FAIR Health Study Uncovers Relationship between Covid-19 Comorbidities and Mortality;  CMS – preparing for the Covid-19 vaccines


  • 10-30-20_Email Update
    • CMS Ensure Coverage of COVID Vaccines and Therapies; ACHI Update, Imminent Cyber Security Threat to US Health Care Providers; Take PPE Survey
  • 10-26-20_Email Update
    • PPE Survey
  • 10-23-20_Email Update
    • COVID Point of Care Reporting Portal for Clinics
  • 10-22-20_Email Update
    • Relapse vs reinfection guidance; BCBS of Arkansas extends COVID-19 Benefits
  • 10-19-20_Email Update
    • State Receives Rapid Antigen Tests; Trump Administration Drives Telehealth Services in Medicaid and Medicare; Update from the Arkansas Center for Health Improvement:
      School District Data Update; Importance of Flu Vaccinations
  • 10-2-20_Email Update
    • HHS Announces New Round of Provider Relief Funds; ACHI Update, PPE Request Form


  • 9-29-20_Email Update
    • CMS Reports Decline in Services for Children; UnitedHealthcare is Updating Temporary Provisions to Telehealth; Survey #3 for Physicians Foundation; PPE Request Form
  • 9-24-20_Email Update
    • ACHI Updates Data to include Positive Case Heatmap; Survey #3 for Physicians Foundation; PPE Request Form
  • 9-11-20_Email Update
    • PPE Form Request – September 2020
  • 9-10-20_Email Update
    • Updated flyers on quarantine and isolation from ADH.
  • 9-3-20_Email Update
    • FP/PEDS Reimbursements for Child Vaccines



  • 7-30-20_Email Update
    • Update Coming on Preoperative Testing for Elective Procedures; CMS and CDC Announce Provider Reimbursement Available for Counseling Patients to Self-Isolate at Time of COVID-19
  • 7-28-20_Email Update
    • ADH Guidance for Discontinuation of Isolation Precautions; Arkansas Blue Cross Blue Shield Extends Deadline; UnitedHealthcare Extends National Public Health Emergency Temporary Program Changes
  • 7-23-20_Email Update
    • Unemployment Insurance Fraud
  • 7-22-20_Email Update
    • FDA Issues Guidance for Pooled Testing; AMA Partners with Project N95 to Make PPE Available to AMA Members
  • 7-20-20_Email Update
    • HHS Telemedicine Hack Learning Series; PPE Road Show Update
  • 7-16-20_Email Update
    • Governor Issues Mandate for Face Covering
  • 7-15-20_Email Update
    • Provider Relief Fund and PPP Update
  • 7-8-20_Email Update
    • Scam Artists Pose as Contact Tracers; CMS Provider Relief Fund Medicaid and CHIP Distribution information
  • 7-7-20_Email Update
    • Elective Procedures Moves to Phase III; Physicians’ Perspective Survey; AFMC Webinar on Telehealth
  • 7-6-20_Email Update
    • Contact Tracing Update from ADH; AFMC Webinar on HIPAA  Considerations for Telehealth; Provider Relief Fund Update; Warnings with Methanol-based Hand Sanitizers
  • 7-1-20_Email Update
    • PPE Efforts from the AMA


  • 6-29-20_Email Update
    • CMS gives option to opt-out of 2020 MIPS program; Arkansas Medicaid PCMH 6-month activities deadline extended.
  • 6-19-20_Email Update
    • Return to Work Guidance for Infected/Exposed Healthcare Personnel, Provider Relief Fund Update, N95 Decontamination Program, More PPE Available
  • 6-15-20_Email Update
    • Executive Orders on Liability and Workers Compensation; Hydroxychloroquine Banned for Treatment of COVID19; Feedback needed for Infection Prevention Training Initiative
  • 6-12-20_Email Update
    • HHS will distribute funds to physicians who participate in Medicaid and CHIP.
  • 6-10-20_Email Update
    • More Advice on Elective Procedures; CMS Reopening Healthcare Facilities update; HHS Lab Reporting Guidance
  • 6-4-20_Email Update
      • BCBS Provider Newsletter, AFMC Scripts for Telemedicine, AFMC Update on HHS
  • 6-1-20_Email Update
    • Update on CARES Act Provider Relief Fund, UnitedHealthcare Program Summary Update, MLN CR Modifier and DR Condition Code, Mako Medical Laboratories Assist in Testing


  • 5-29-20_Email Update
    • Resources from ACHI, Take Our Survey
  • 5-28-20_Email Update
    • AFMC Resources for Telemedicine Visits, Take Our Survey
  • 5-26-20_Email Update
    • Take Our Survey, New Directive on Elective Procedures, Phase III, Exposed Person Quarantine Still 14 Days
  • 5-20-20 Email Update
    • PPE Road Show Update, FDA Warns Against Some China Facemask Respirators
  • 5-18-20 Email Update
    • CMS Telelphone Evaluation & Management Visits; Accuracy of Abbott Tests
  • 5-15-20 Email Update
    • Revised Surgery Guidelines, Blue Cross Extends Deadline, ADH Memo on Testing Supplies; N95 Decontamination Program
  • 5-14-20 Email Update
    • Guidance on HIPAA During the Coronavirus Pandemic
  • 5-12-20 Email Update
    • Remdesivir Available for Hospitals, AR Insurance Dept. Policy Cancellation Info
  • 5-8-20 Email Update
    • Elective Procedure Guidelines, PPE Vendors at
  • 5-7-20 Email Update
    • CMS Update on Waivers and Flexibilities, HHS Deadline Extension; Aegis Science Lab for Testing, AFMC Webinar on Implementing Telehealth
  • 5-6-20 Email Update
    • New Shipment of PPE, ADH Public Health Lab Testing
  • 5-5-20 Email Update
    • Elective Surgery Revisited; ADH N95 Decontamination Program
  • 5-4-20 Email Update
    • Ready for Business Grant Program Adds Funding, Clarification Regarding “Elective” Surgery, AMA Advocacy Update
  • 5-1-20 Email Update
    • CMS Increasing Payments for Audio-Only Telephone Visits, Vetting Non-Traditional Suppliers for PPE


  • 4-30-20 Email Update
    • AEL Lab Help with Testing, ADEC Ready for Business Grant Program Exceeds Funding Limits, May edition of the Journal
  • 4-29-20 Email Update
    • State Launches New Grant Program
  • 4-28-20 Email Update
    • Antibody Testing Primer, Largest Case Increase Locations Explained by ADH, Elective Surgery Call with ADH
  • 4-27-20 Email Update
    • Elective Surgery Call with ADH, HHS General Allocation Fund Portal, UnitedHealthcare Resources to Aid Claims
  • 4-24-20 Email Update
    • ADH Directive on Resuming Elective Procedures, ADH Updated Guidance on Testing, AR State Medical Board Update, PPE Vendor Recommendations, PPE Road Show Recap
  • 4-23-20 Email Update
    • AFMC Webinar, PPE Update, US Marshals Warns of Impersonation Calls, AMA Update on CARES Act
  • 4-20-20 Email Update
    • Wroten named to Economic Recovery Task Force, Rural Health Clinics Flexibilities, Physicians Advocacy Institute Update, HHS Distributes First Round of CARES Act, AMA Advocacy Update
  • 4-17-20 Email Update
    • ADH Updated Guidance on Testing, Directive on Use of Nucleic Acic Amplification Test
  • 4-16-20 Email Update
    • AFMC Webinar on Financially Health Practice, Update on CARES Act Distribution
  • 4-15-20 Email Update
    • ADH Directive Against Using Non-FDA Serologic Tests, FCC COVID-19 Telehealth Program
  • 4-14-20 Email Update
    • Governor Issues 3 New Executive Orders, Clarifications on Emergency Funds
  • 4-13-20 Email Update
    • Proposed Emergency Order Sent to Governor; Docbook MD Transitions to Medici Connect
  • 4-10-20 Email Update
    • Emergency Fund Distribution from CARES Act
  • 4-9-20 Email Update
    • Better News on PPE, AR Insurance Commissioner Issues Orders to Help Physicians, Managing Mental Health
  • 4-8-20 Email Update
    • Face Shields wtih, UnitedHealthcare and Optum to Accelerate Payments
  • 4-7-20 Email Update
    • CMS Issues Clinician letter and Updated Elective Surgery Recommendations
  • 4-4-20 Email Update
    • AMA Advocacy Update on Small Business Administration Loans, MIPS Reporting Relief, Other Resources
  • 4-2-20 Email Update
    • AMS Coordinates PPE Requests
  • 4-1-20 Email Update
    • Be a Resource for Your State Legislators


  • 3-31-20 Email Update
    • Managing Stress and Anxiety, Financial Assistance Resources
  • 3-30-20 Email Update
    • Medicare Assistance Payments, Small Business Loans for Clinics and Practices, Summary of CARES Act, Employee Retention Credit, Telemedicine Update from UnitedHealthcare
  • 3-27-20 Email Update
    • Governor Announces Federal Medicaid Waiver Request, AMS Makes Formal Request for PPE, Telemedicine Update from Cigna and Humana, ADH Info on Home Quarantine, Stimulus and Relief Package Approved
  • 3-25-20 Email Update
    • AFMC Telemedicine Webinar, Update on Coverage Provisions for Telephone-Only Medical Services, AMS Signs Congressional Letter, AMA Issues Special Coding Advice, Clinic Signs in Spanish and Marshallese
  • 3-23-20 Email Update
    • Use of Hydroxychloroquine and Chloroquine, HIPPA Allowances for Telemedicine, Return to Work for Infected/Exposed Healthcare Personnel
  • 3-20-20 Email Update
    • Limited Supplies of PPE, More on Telemedicine, Price Gouging at Commercial Labs, Medicaid Reimbursements for Lab Tests, Economic Development Resources for Your Practice
  • 3-18-20 Email Update
    • AR Medicaid Revises Telemedicine Rules, Telehealth Billing Expansion Update, HIPPA Regulations for Telehealth, Clinical Guidance for Management of COVID Patients, Signage for Clinics
  • 3-17-20 Email Update
    • Telemedicine Rules Relaxed, Update on PPE, Annual Membership Meeting Cancelled, COVID-19 Test Availability from ADH
  • 3-13-20 Email Update
    • Test Availability, Safely Prepare Office Staff Info