Group Memberships

Why Your Clinic Should Have a Group Membership

For clinics with 5+ physicians, group membership in the Arkansas Medical Society just makes sense. It eliminates the hassle of individual renewal and reimbursement for physicians and accounts payable staff; and provides every employee with the invaluable resources of the largest and strongest Arkansas health care advocate.

We fill a unique role that benefits both the physician and his or her group or employer. By taking on the big issues in Arkansas health care – like tort reform, prior authorization, prescription drug abuse and the statewide trauma system – to the day to day issues like reimbursement, coding and HIPAA, we allow physicians and office staff alike to focus more on patient care.

We want to strengthen the relationship between the Arkansas Medical Society and our larger clinics to provide you with the specialized services you need and gain your feedback on upcoming issues and how they will affect your physicians and patients.

If AMS membership is not currently a part of your physician benefits package, consider it this year based on the work the Society is already doing and resources we are providing for your office, patients, physicians and the practice of medicine as a whole.

To participate, REGISTER HERE or contact the AMS office for more information.

Group Membership Benefits

(available to clinics with 10+ members)

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