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Non-physician Memberships

APRN/PA Interest Group | Apply

  • Recognizing that most APRNs and PAs work directly with physicians either in an employment or team-based model, the AMS Board of Trustees has authorized the creation of a PA/APRN Interest Group. These professionals are invaluable to the physician’s practice and play an important role as part of the health care team. Gaining a better understanding of the relationship and interaction between physicians and their PAs/APRNs will help focus AMS advocacy efforts to support those relationships.
  • This new group is open to PAs and APRNs who are employed by and/or work alongside AMS member physicians. It is anticipated that when issues involving PAs and APRNs surface, AMS will seek the input of the interest group members and their physicians, while also serving as a mechanism for the interest group participants to bring issues to the attention of AMS. There is no cost to join but it is important that AMS have accurate contact and demographic information. Join through the “apply” link above.

Online Clinic Manager Membership | Apply | Renew

  • Clinics with 100% physicians membership in AMS now qualify for online membership for their office manager. If you would like more information, please contact the AMS office.