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Arkansas’ Leading Physician Organization Opposes Medical Marijuana

Friday, November 02, 2012—Little Rock – This morning, the state’s leading physician organization, the Arkansas Medical Society, announced its opposition to the Arkansas Medical Marijuana Issue.  In arriving at its position, the AMS took note of the concerns of law enforcement and the potential unfunded burden that the law would place on the ability of the State Health Department to meet its current public health responsibilities.

The AMS ultimately based its decision on their conclusion that there is a lack of “substantial evidence” that the medical benefits of smoking marijuana are any better than current prescription medicines.  Citing the advances in conventional medications that are regulated by the US Food and Drug Administration and the ability of those medications to successfully manage most of the covered conditions, the Society determined that the potential negative consequences of allowing medical marijuana were greater than any potential benefit.

The decision was reached on Friday morning during the Arkansas Medical Society’s fall meeting of the Board of Trustees.  The Board of Trustees is an elected body consisting of over 40 physicians from across the state.  The AMS is the professional association for Arkansas’ physician community, organized in 1875 and currently representing over 4,300 physicians and medical students.


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1 thought on “Arkansas’ Leading Physician Organization Opposes Medical Marijuana”

  1. D fink says:

    this coming from the same doctors who have failed to cure cancer and countless other diseases. This this about big pharma monopolies on healthcare, which would lose money if medical cannabis was legalized. I don’t trust chemicals or the companies that produce them.
    “Hey sheep, come get your chemical pills and vaccines.” No thanks.

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