FDA Drug Alert Issued for Xeljanz

An important FDA-approved Drug Alert for XELJANZ affecting Rheumatologists, Infectious Disease, Family Medicine/General Practice, Internal Medicine and  Emergency Medicine physicians was published on November 20, 2012.

This PDR® Drug Alert was delivered electronically to all Arkansas Medical Society members within these specialties who are registered with PDR® Network. View the alert at www.pdr.net .

If you have not yet registered to receive electronic PDR® Drug Alerts, please do so at www.arkmed.pdr.net. Your email or fax number will only be used to send and administer Drug and Device Alert services, FDA-approved drug labeling information, and other clinically relevant PDR services/information. If you do not register to receive PDR Drug Alerts, you will not receive them immediately by email or fax, but may view this information on PDR.net.

PDR Drug Alerts offer immediate, electronic delivery of FDA-approved, specialty-specific Drug Alerts, and safety information for ArkMed members, and are aggregated on PDR.net® for convenient review.