As the second wave of episodes of care begins to develop for the Arkansas Payment Improvement Initiative, AMS wants to continue to direct you to information and resources that are available. The next round of workgroups have already begun and AMS has been instrumental in making sure that specialists in each area have been contacted to provide advice and recommendations to the APII development team. The new episodes and information regarding their workgroups can be found at here. Workgroup documents are on this website for each of the following new episodes: Colonoscopy, Cholecystectomy, Behavioral Health, Tonsillectomy, and Developmental Disability.

Comments, questions, suggestions, and criticism of any of the specific episodes is invited and encouraged. AMS would suggest that you review the initial documents on the episode that affects your practice and then submit your feedback to the payment initiative by sending an email. You can help AMS stay up to date on any issues by copying the AMS on your email at ams@arkmed.org .

Physicians have already received notification if they are considered a principal accountable provider (PAP) for the first wave of episodes along with reports showing data regarding the specific episode. These reports show how you would have compared to your peers during a specified period of time had the episode of care model been in effect during that period. The physician’s portal to view reports and enter quality data (if needed) is also located here. This website also provides an overview of the entire program, information on performance periods (October 2012 – September 2013 for Medicaid’s initial episodes) and more.

Announcements and information on upcoming webinars specific to each episode are available here.

You can register for one of the webinars by clicking on “event.” During each webinar, physicians and staff will be updated on the initiative, receive specific information about an episode and will be provided with the latest information on topics selected by a customer service team. AMS encourages physicians to submit comments or questions on any episode through an  email.