AMS Welcomes 79 New Members!

The following physicians have recently illustrated their commitment to improving health care in this community and our state by joining the Arkansas Medical Society.

“As a society members, these physicians are part of a statewide network of over 4,000 Arkansas physicians, residents and medical students, dedicated to protecting the interests of their patients and improving the health of Arkansans,” said Society President, Gene Shelby, MD, of Hot Springs. “Some of the society’s most recent efforts include advocating for responsible and practical reforms such as the patient centered medical home and reducing health care spending; supporting Medicaid expansion; passing legislation to establish a statewide Trauma System and the Clean Indoor Air Act; and supporting the development of a prescription drug monitoring program to combat the abuse and diversion of prescription drugs.”

New AMS Members

Name City
Marjorie Anteno Edwards, MD Bentonville
Jeffrey A. Savage, MD Bentonville
Lakshmi Venkata Tenneti, MD Bentonville
David A. Diffine, MD Blytheville
Jeffrey A. Craig, MD Conway
Sherrye Craig, MD Conway
Spencer L. Johnson, MD Conway
Caroline Corpus, MD El Dorado
Keith Martin Berner, MD Fayetteville
Kevin Drake Branch, MD Fayetteville
Benjamin Rousse Lowery, MD Fayetteville
Virginia L. McCord, MD Fayetteville
John H. Wu, MD Fayetteville
Pablo Almuna Fernandez, MD Forrest City
David Miller, DO Fort Smith
Joshua Wilkinson, MD Fort Smith
Harold Bradford Allen, MD Harrison
Donald G. Blagdon, MD Hot Springs
Amy Lynn Dolinar Tuchinsky, MD Hot Springs
John Scott Featherston, DO Hot Springs
Clinton H. Henson, MD Hot Springs
Martin L. Johnson, MD Hot Springs
Khaled R. Al-Khasawneh, MD Jonesboro
Charles David Cesare Jr., MD Jonesboro
Jaime Rene Chavez, MD Jonesboro
Robin Lianne Forward-Wise, MD Jonesboro
Anil Kumar, MD Jonesboro
Abelardo Martinez-Rumayor, MD Jonesboro
Ahmed Y.M. Abuabdou, MD Little Rock
Kartikey Bhaska Acharya, MD Little Rock
Sarvpreet Pal S Ahluwalia, MD Little Rock
Zubair Ahmed, MD Little Rock
Shunzhong Shawn Bao, MD Little Rock
Ian M. Cawich, MD Little Rock
Adam Franklin Chandler, MD Little Rock
Venkata Surya P Durvasula, MD Little Rock
Paul Kendall Edwards, MD Little Rock
Maria Teresa Esquivel, MD Little Rock
Jason Eli Farrar, MD Little Rock
Ryan T. Fitzgerald, MD Little Rock
Richard Eugene Frye, MD Little Rock
Adolfo Dolores Garnica, MD Little Rock
Matthew Emery Hardee, MD Little Rock
Brian T. Hughes, MD Little Rock
Michio Kajitani, MD Little Rock
Mohammad A. Khan, MD Little Rock
Lauren  Ann Kilpatrick, MD Little Rock
Meghna Krishnan, MD Little Rock
Laura Leigh Kruger, MD Little Rock
Vasili Lendel, MD Little Rock
Jill Irby McCarty, MD Little Rock
James Alfred Ntambi, MD Little Rock
Eylem Ocal, MD Little Rock
Gina Drobena Pesek, MD Little Rock
Krishnappa A. Prasad, MD Little Rock
Clayton Hartwic Riley, MD Little Rock
Thea Rosenbaum, MD Little Rock
Jaime Enrique Vengoechea Barrios, MD Little Rock
Kenneth Christi Walters, MD Little Rock
Christopher Jam Wright, MD Little Rock
Jonathan David Wyatt, MD Little Rock
Jhablall Balmakund, MD Lowell
Krishna Acharya, MD Maumelle
Kyle S. Trauth, MD Mortilton
Stephen R. Wilber, DO Mountain Home
Joel Nicholas Smith, MD N Little Rock
Tracy Lynnette Brown, MD North Little Rock
Jennifer N. Casey, MD North Little Rock
Matthew Frank Spond, MD North Little Rock
K. Lamar Howard, MD Rogers
Mark Lee, MD Rogers
John T. Smiley, MD Rogers
Lynsay LeighAnn Waller, MD Rogers
Tiffany Nicole Weathers, MD Rogers
Katherine J. Durham, MD Searcy
Justin Oswald Franz, MD Searcy
Kathryn T. Chenault, MD Sherwood
Stephen E. Carney, MD Van Buren
Jose S. Padilla Jr., MD Van Buren

The Arkansas Medical Society is a voluntary professional association, established in 1875, representing more than 4,000 physicians and medical students as well as the patients and communities they serve.