Happy Anniversary!

Congratulations and thank you to these dedicated physicians who are celebrating 5, 15, 25, 50 and 65+ years of continuous membership in the Arkansas Medical Society this year! We applaud the commitment you’ve made to serving your patients and your profession.

65+ Years

Art B. Martin, MD, Fort Smith
Marlin B. Hoge, MD, Fort Smith
N. B. Kersh, MD, Malvern
J. Forrest Henry Jr., MD, Little Rock
W. Sloan Rainwater, MD, Little Rock
Charles A. Taylor, MD, Batesville
Ralph F. Joseph Sr., MD, Walnut Ridge
John W. Lane, MD, Little Rock

50 Years

Eugene A. Joseph, MD, Searcy
Bill G. Floyd, MD, Little Rock
H. Austin Grimes, MD, Little Rock
Gene D. Ring, MD, Dardanelle
James R. Snider, MD, Fort Smith
E. Morgan Collins Jr., MD, Fayetteville
Robert H. Nunnally, MD, Camden
Walter R. Oglesby, MD, Monticello
Edwin L. Coffman, MD, Fort Smith
Charles H. Floyd, MD, Mountainburg
Fred J. Kittler, MD, Little Rock
Judson N. Hout, MD, Camden
Donald L. Cohagan, MD, Bentonville
William F. Hayden, MD, Little Rock
Francis M. Henderson, MD, Rogers

25 Years

Jody C. Callaway, MD, Russellville
Robert B. Forward, MD, El Dorado
Mark C. Stripling, MD, Jonesboro
Rickey O. Ryals, MD, Little Rock
Steven W. Hutchins, MD, Little Rock
Dianne F. Johnson, MD, Little Rock
Anes W. Abraham, MD, Blytheville
William G. Barron, MD, Russellville
Allen L. Beachy, MD, Fort Smith
Eleanor E. Kennedy, MD, Little Rock
William B. Nowlin, MD, Fayetteville
Michael P. Gwartney, MD, Fort Smith
J. Douglas Holloway, MD, Little Rock
Ian Birkett, MD, Little Rock
Stephen K. Magie, MD, Little Rock
William R. Frederick, MD, Helena
Wendell W. Weed, MD, Fayetteville
Dalton L. Gray II, MD, Fayetteville
John H. Finck, MD, Mena
George W. Jackson, MD, Highland
Joe P. Rouse, MD, Fayetteville
Fredric J. Sloan II, MD, Morro Bay, CA
J. Bart Throneberry, MD, Conway
H. Kevin Beavers, MD, Russellville
John P. Brizzolara, MD, Little Rock
William E. Higginbothom, MD, Fayetteville
Marilyn I. Barr, MD, Fort Smith
E. Ashley Deed, MD, Little Rock
Gregory F. Kresse, MD, Eureka Springs
Robert A. Murphy, MD, North Little Rock
Steven Nokes, MD, Little Rock
Sandra Stolzy, MD, Springdale
Steven L. Cathey, MD, North Little Rock
Richard W. Houk, MD, Little Rock
Roy S. Jones, MD, Little Rock
Judy L. McDonald, MD, Royal
Michael M. Moore, MD, Little Rock
Charles E. Pearce, MD, Little Rock
Stephen Sturdivant, MD, Little Rock
James L. Lowry, MD, Arkadelphia
Gary S. Edwards, DO, Fort Smith
Philip James Deer III, MD, Little Rock
Lee C. Abel, MD, Little Rock
John O. Lytle, MD, Pine Bluff
Ben E. Owens Jr., MD, Jonesboro
Patrick J. Savage, MD, Jonesboro
Phyllis Skaug, MD, Jonesboro

15 Years

John V. Baka, MD, Benton
James A. Day, MD, Little Rock
Van H. De Bruyn, MD, Little Rock
Floyd Gonzalez, MD, DeQueen
Diane L. Lum, MD, West Memphis
David M. Mego, MD, Little Rock
Zaki A. Samman, MD, Fort Smith
Allen H. Redding, MD, Little Rock
Robert T. Emery, MD, Batesville
Barry D. Hendrix, MD, Paragould
Christopher G. Knox, MD, Russellville
Tonya L. Marotti, MD, Little Rock
Gregg L. Massanelli, MD, El Dorado
Robert A. Watson, MD, El Dorado
Eugene Lu, MD, Little Rock
Thuylinh H. Pham, MD, Fort Smith
Thomas A. Fox, MD, Emmet
Michael A. McGhee, MD, Benton
Scott A. Davis, MD, Little Rock
Paul E. Farris, MD, Fayetteville
Susan K. Delap, MD, Sherwood
Phillip T. Gullic, MD, Conway
Katrina R. Davis, MD, Little Rock
Diane P. France, MD, Conway
A. Scott Marotti, MD, Little Rock
Ken M. Taylor, MD, Little Rock
Lawrence D. Dodd, MD, Hot Springs
Rebecca P. Phillips, MD, Salem
Wayne L. Bruffett, MD, Little Rock
Balan A. Nair, MD, Little Rock
D. Neal Wyatt, DO, North Little Rock
Frankie M. Griffin, MD, Van Buren
David L. Matthews, MD, Jonesboro
Paul K. Howell Jr., MD, Fort Smith
Martin A. Taylor, MD, Little Rock

5 Years

John Colleran, DO, North Little Rock
Eddy Manuel del Rio, MD, Springdale
Brooks Lawrence, MD, Conway
Melissa Yawn, MD, Jonesboro
Orrin J. Davis, MD, Fayetteville
Michael Davis Payne II, MD, Fordyce
Mary Evelyn Bourland, MD, Rogers
Jon Gustafson, MD, Fort Smith
Philip E. Ferguson, MD, Jonesboro
Steven J. Halter, MD, Hot Springs
Jasen C. Chi, MD, Little Rock
Joe C. Colclasure, MD, Little Rock
Robin Morris, MD, Little Rock
Christopher P. Dougherty, DO, Bentonville
Peter J. Kim, MD, Little Rock