Walgreens Policies

A number of weeks ago, AMS was advised by a number of physicians that Walgreens pharmacists were requesting ICD-9 codes, medical records and/or treatment plans before filling prescriptions for some medications.  After further requests for information from our physicians, it became apparent that Walgreens had begun a new policy which allows the pharmacists to make a determination if the drug is being prescribed appropriately.The pharmacist may refuse to fill the prescription if the information is not given or is deemed as inappropriate use of the medication.After further talks with the corporate offices of Walgreens pharmacies, the pharmacists nationwide have been instructed to obtain this information before filling certain opiates or cocktails of medications.

AMS Director of Practice Management Billie Jean Davenport contacted the local DEA about the policy and was told that DEA policy did not require this information but this was Walgreens interpretation of a DEA policy.  The AMA has been made aware of this practice and is continuing to look into the action. AMS will keep you posted as new information becomes available.