Update on Walgreens’ Policy Regarding Narcotic Prescriptions

The Arkansas Medical Society participated in a series of conference calls with the DEA, AMA and several other states regarding recent developments over Walgreens’ new policy to require that pharmacists request diagnostic codes, explanations of alternative therapies and medical records before filling certain prescriptions.

The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) states that the agency did not direct Walgreens to require this information and asked that Walgreens discontinue the practice of telling patients the DEA required this information.

The Arkansas Medical Society discussed this matter with corporate Walgreens representatives and was told that the policy applied to a “few” narcotics and “cocktails” of narcotics. The Arkansas Medical Society has repeatedly voiced our strong opposition to this policy, but Walgreens has refused to discontinue the practice and would like to hear from your office if the practice is still occurring. Some physicians reported that the policy was being applied to certain drugs that are not classified as narcotics. Please contact Billie Jean Davenport at 501-224-8967 if your office continues to be burdened with these requests.