PCP Supplemental Payment

It is not too late to attest for the PCP Supplemental Payment with Arkansas Medicaid.  Arkansas Medicaid is participating in a federal program that allows for supplemental Medicaid payments to certain physician specialties for primary care services for calendar years 2013 and 2014. To qualify for the payment, the provider must meet one of the conditions listed below:


  1. 60% of the Medicaid services reimbursed to him/her during the calendar year consist of Evaluation and Management (E & M) codes and/or vaccines administered under the Vaccines for Children program. The 60% calculation is based on the percentage of reimbursement amount and does not include any dual eligible claims reimbursed.
  2. The provider is board certified in one of the following specialties or subspecialties:

To receive the supplemental payment, providers must complete the self-attestation process. This process requires that providers confirm their eligibility by affirming that they meet one

of the conditions listed above.  AMS contacted Arkansas Medicaid to clarify that allergist are included in this program. If a physician feels that his practice would qualify for both conditions, board certification may be the easiest condition to reach. The self-attestation process has been available through the provider web portal or via paper form since February 1, 2013. You can find more information and attest here.