Medicare SGR Cuts of 24% Averted – SGR Repeal Gaining Momentum

As 2013 came to a close, the U.S. House and Senate approved a $1.012 trillion dollar 2014 budget. Included in the budget deal was a three-month .05% Medicare physician payment increase in lieu of the 24% cut created by the SGR (sustainable growth rate) formula.  The three-month deal is intended to provide House and Senate leaders time to complete their negotiations on legislation to permanently repeal the SGR.  All three committees with jurisdiction over the issue have passed separate bills to repeal the SGR and work is underway to negotiate a final bill that can be supported by both the House and Senate.  These bills are bipartisan and for the most part are garnering 100% support from committee members of both political parties.  While much work remains, the potential to repeal the SGR has never been greater.