Upcoming Webinar Gets You ready for ICD-10

With the ICD-10 implementation deadline looming on October 1, 2014, it is critical for practices to begin their preparation for the ICD-10 conversion. Make plans today to attend the AMS webinar, How to Prepare for ICD-10: A guide for Physicians and Clinic Managers, presented by State Volunteer Mutual Insurance Company.

Why is preparation so important? The ICD-10 conversion affects every HIPAA covered entity (including providers and payers). Beginning October 1, 2014, any provided services must be ICD-10 compliant or they will be rejected. This high level overview answers the following common ICD-10 conversion questions: When does this happen? Who does it affect? Why are we doing this? What’s the difference? How do I start to prepare?

SVMIC’s Sr. Patient Relations Specialist, Francee Preston, will answer these questions and more.