Revalidation Efforts Underway for Medicaid and Medicare

CMSArkansas physicians will begin to receive letters of revalidation from both Medicare and Medicaid. Instructions on how to complete the revalidation process will be included in the letter. AMS advises physicians to begin the process as soon as you receive the notification. A physician has 90 days from the date of the letter to complete the process for Medicaid. If the process is not completed in a timely manner, a physician could stop receiving reimbursement. There is no charge for physicians to apply for a Medicaid/Medicare number or to revalidate.  Medicaid sent the first batch of revalidation letters on July 15.

CMS implemented improvements to streamline the revalidation for physicians that treat Medicare patients.One enhancement is that CMS is establishing due dates with six months’ advance notice of when the revalidation application must be received.