Issue 4 Disqualified from November Ballot

Thursday Oct 13, 2016 – AMS has just learned that the Arkansas Supreme Court has disqualified the AMS supported tort reform amendment (Issue 4) from the November ballot.  Two separate lawsuits were filed with the Court in an effort to keep Arkansas’s voters from deciding whether there should be caps on non-economic damages as well as limits on attorney fees.  The Court, in a unanimous ruling, decided that the ballot title and language in the amendment failed to adequately define the term “non-economic damages”.  Over the past couple of weeks, AMS and the Arkansas Hospital Association have been reaching out to our respective memberships to inform and educate them on the issue.  A joint state-wide news release was just issued this past Monday.


Next steps…..AMS will be looking for opportunities to push for tort reform through the legislative process when the General Assembly meets beginning in January 2017.  The General Assembly can submit up to 3 constitutional amendments directly to the voters.  Stay tuned.