Texas reports first locally transmitted Zika case

The AP (11/28, Stengle) reports that “Texas on Monday reported its first case of Zika virus that likely came from a mosquito bite within the state.” The AP points out that Florida is the only other state with locally spread Zika. Meanwhile, “health officials say that the woman who was infected in Texas is a resident of Brownsville, located on the border the state shares with Mexico.” However, officials say the women reported “no recent travel to Mexico or any other country with ongoing Zika outbreaks.”

The Washington Post (11/28, Sun) reports that “lab tests found genetic material from the virus in the woman’s urine, but a blood test was negative, indicating that a mosquito can no longer spread the virus after biting her.” Meanwhile, Texas “authorities recommend testing for anyone with at least three of those symptoms and for all pregnant women, even those without symptoms, who have traveled to an area with active Zika transmission.”

The New York Times (11/28, McNeil, Fernandez, Subscription Publication) reports that the CDC is working with state and county health officials on the case.