91st Arkansas General Assembly

The Regular Session of the 91st Arkansas General Assembly will convene on Monday, January 9, 2017. If, like previous general sessions, AMS anticipates the session extending into April. Please watch for the AMS legislative alerts and be ready to contact your legislator if identified on the alert.

With a flurry of Interim Study Proposals submitted earlier this year and 81 bills already filed for the session, this session is expected to be even busier than others in recent memory. With an average of 2,298 bills filed during each of the last three sessions, AMS has consistently tracked and worked on approximately 230 bills each session, which is about ten percent.

A few issues, among many others, AMS will be supporting this session are: anticipated tort reform measures still being drafted, a telemedicine bill to further fine-tune legislation from last session and a bill further reducing the burden of prior authorization. There will be scope of practice expansion attempts by Advanced Practice Registered Nurses and Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists, which AMS will oppose if the bills are similar to ones filed in previous sessions.

And please note, AMS is still looking for physicians to assist with the “Doctor of the Day” program. Please contact Laura Hawkins in the AMS office, if you would like to know more.