Republicans release modified version of health care bill

USA Today (3/20, Groppe) reports that Republicans released a modified bill Monday night “in an attempt to shore up support among both conservatives and moderates.” The revised bill would allow states “to require able-bodied Medicaid recipients without dependents to work beginning in October.” In addition, “states could receive federal funding for the program as a lump sum – instead of a per capita allotment – for children and non-disabled, non-elderly adults.” Also, the ACA’s taxes “on the wealthy, sectors of the health care industry and others to pay for expanded coverage would be repealed in 2017 instead of 2018.” USA Today says the changes “were made to draw support from conservative members disappointed the original bill didn’t go far enough to undo the ACA.”

USA Today (3/20, Collins) says that in a decision “that could pave the way for the legislation to pass the House this week,” the House Freedom Caucus will “not vote as a bloc to oppose” the GOP plan.

AMA is evaluating legislative proposals as they advance in Congress to determine their impact on patients, physicians and the broader health care system. A core principle is that any new reform proposal should not cause individuals currently covered to become uninsured. The reform proposal must also stabilize and strengthen the individual insurance market, ensure that low/moderate income patients are able to secure affordable and meaningful coverage, and provide adequate funding for safety net programs. You can contact Congress or learn more about our health reform objectives or our latest efforts online.