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Dr. Barbe: We need more time with patients, less at the keyboard

Family physician, and AMA President David Barbe, MD, MHA, recently told a Washington audience that government can a play a role in strengthening the “almost sacred” patient-physician relationship by reducing physicians’ administrative burdens, increasing cost transparency and facilitating electronic health record (EHR) interoperability and data liquidity.

“Physicians have become data-entry clerks,” Dr. Barbe said, noting how they spend two hours on EHR and deskwork activities for every hour they spend face to face with patients. “That’s upside down.”

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Is this true for your practice? Comment below what has helped or what you think could help increase your time with patients.

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1 thought on “Dr. Barbe: We need more time with patients, less at the keyboard”

  1. Jeremiah Rutherford says:

    It is very true. I spend more time looking at a computer screen than I do at my patient’s face. The doctor-patient relationship has been changed to the doctor-computer-patient relationship. I feel I spend more time worrying about MIPS measures than I do on things that are actually important to the patient. It is one reason why I am leaving outpatient primary care.

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