PCMH High Priority Beneficiary (HPB) Selection, Deadline May 31

AMS has been notified that some changes have been made to a physician’s selection of high priority beneficiaries. The AHIN portal (BCBS) will reopen May 25 for physicians to reselect their PCMH HPBs for the 2018 performance period. This opportunity is due to the recent primary care provider (PCP) reassignment. It was identified that beneficiaries of specific benefit plans were ­­­dropped from their assigned PCP after implementation of the new Medicaid Management Information System (MMIS). The reassignment took place on the weekend of April 13-15.
Previously selected beneficiaries will be populated in AHIN. A physician can choose to keep them as an HPB or deselect them. If a physician’s caseload increased, you will have to choose more beneficiaries to make up the 10% HPB selection. A list of added beneficiaries will be provided on AHIN. If a clinic does not choose the entire 10 percent, Arkansas Medicaid will make the selection for the clinic. The deadline for selection is May 31.
There will be a reconciliation of PBPM payments for Quarter 1 because of the reassignment. Your clinic can expect these payments on June 1. Quarter 2 PBPM payment will be made on June 22.