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2019 Fifty-Year Club Inductees

Each year, the Arkansas Medical Society honors members who have been practicing for 50 years or more.  These distinguished physicians have been faithful in the membership and leadership in the Society, and we appreciate their contributions.  Congratulations to the following members who were inducted during the annual luncheon at the Annual Membership Meeting on April 26, 2019 at the DoubleTree Hotel in Little Rock.

The 2019 Fifty-Year Club inductees include:

Jimmy G. Atkins, MD
James H. Bledsoe, MD
Daniel P. Chock, MD
William R. Daniel, MD
Joe D. Daugherty, MD
Gary V. Felker, MD
Horace L. Green, MD
Robert R. Gullett, MD
R. Lowell Hardcastle, MD
Sanford E. Hutson, MD
Ralph N. Ingram, MD
Ralph S. Izard, MD
R. Duke Jennings, MD
Roehl W. Johnson, MD
Raymond E. Kaemmerling, MD
Jerry R. Kendall, MD
Clarence W. Koch, MD
Martin A. Koehn, MD
Stavros C. Manolagas, MD
William C. Martin, MD
James Y. Massey, MD
James E. McDonald II, MD
Kenneth R. Meacham, MD
James F. Moore, MD
Terrence A. Oddson, MD
James P. Pickett, MD
Jerry L. Prather, MD
C.E. Ransom Jr., MD
Ronnie D. Rasberry, MD
Lloyene B. Reid, MD
Michael C. Roberson, MD
Stewart Rushton, MD
Cal R. Sanders, MD
Hemendra R. Shah, MD
Gerald A. Stolz Jr., MD
Sidney W. Tate, MD
Emilio Tirado, MD
Joe M. Tullis, MD
John B. Weiss, MD
Raymond A. Wende, MD


Photos by Mark Matthews.  If you would like a copy of a photo, email

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