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Physician Outreach Update by Tereasa Holmes

Accepting AFMC/AMS Physician Outreach Specialist position is one of the highlights of my professional career. I have gone full circle as I began my career over 25 years ago with a leading insurance carrier. This path has taken me from provider educator, clinic administrator, educator, advocate for the beneficiaries in the state of Arkansas, and now working as the liaison between the Department of Medical Services and AMS member physicians.

Since coming onboard with AMS, my days have been filled with education through webinars, meetings, research, and renewing professional relationships with various stakeholders. During this short three-month period, I have assisted AMS member physicians with various outstanding issues by directing them to the appropriate DMS division or supplying the resources necessary to resolve the issues. I’ve also participated in an onsite clinic workshop, where I learned about clinic concerns on policies and general education for newly hired clinic employees. In addition, I assisted and directed AMS member physicians to the appropriate department to ensure their coverage and benefits were valid.

I look forward to working as a liaison between DMS and AMS member physicians, helping to create strategies to promote high quality, cost effective health care. I will be in clinics, attending workshops, and participating in upcoming professional academy conferences. Please contact me at or at 501-224-8967 (office) or 501-545-6919 (cell) if you need any assistance or information.

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