SVMIC Launches New RiskView Tool

State Volunteer Mutual Insurance Company (SVMIC) strives to find new, creative ways to provide guidance and education regarding the most current areas of liability. There is a growing need for accessible and easy-to-use options for navigating office-based patient care and the administrative responsibilities associated with running a medical practice, and this is where RiskView was born.

RiskView is a virtual 3D tour of a traditional medical practice.  Created using a 360-degree Matterport camera, RiskView emulates a virtual real estate tour you may see when shopping for a new home but instead reflects the inside of a medical practice. It is self-guided and gives users the opportunity to navigate through the typical rooms of a medical office where they can see highlighte

d areas of liability. Extensive resources as well as audio clips are accessible in each room of the tour, organized in accordance with SVMIC risk evaluation and medical practice consultant experience and recommendations.

For many years, SVMIC has offered on-site consultations and assessments that focus on reducing risk in your medical office. RiskView takes this traditional, on-site service and translates it to an online experience in which the user can view the recommended systems, clinic setup, and processes that accompany an SVMIC assessment of a medical practice. This new feature has allowed SVMIC to organize a large variety of the professional resources we develop and provide to our policyholders into an interactive office-based setup.

In this new virtual consultation, SVMIC is able to reach many more practices with its  recommendations and resources, and, in turn, many more physicians and practice managers are able to benefit from SVMIC’s extensive experience and knowledge in the area of risk mitigation and patient safety.  Whether looking for information on required postings and notifications, guidance on documentation practices and retention, or HIPAA and OSHA compliance requirements, RiskView can benefit your practice.

While RiskView is not a substitute for an on-site consultation, it is intended to assist policyholders with improving patient care and reducing liability exposure in an online format that is easily accessible. We are excited to release this new tool and look forward to continuing our search for new and creative ways to share our professional resources and make risk mitigation an easier part of our policyholder’s day.

If you would like more information on RiskView or SVMIC, contact Learning Systems Manager Meghan Clark at