Are You Trauma Informed? Find out in the January edition of the Journal.

Trauma early in life can have lasting impacts on health, and in Arkansas, the statistics are even more alarming.  Over 54% of Arkansas children have one or more Adverse Childhood Experience (ACE), and research is now showing that ACEs can be a root cause of many adult health issues.  in the January 2020 edition of the Journal, we talk about trauma informed care and what that means for physicians and their patients.

“Intuitively, physicians have known that [traumatic] experiences that happen outside of the exam room – in  the home, at school, at work – have a bigger influence on a person’s health than what occurs in the exam room,” said Pediatrician and Arkansas Foundation for Medical Care Physician and AMS President-Elect Chad Rodgers, MD. “Now, we have the science to back that and the words to talk about it.”

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