2020 Brings Changes to the Journal

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For 140 years, the monthly Journal of the Arkansas Medical Society has served Arkansas physicians with education and information covering numerous topics.

Published by the Arkansas Medical Society, its purpose is to share independent, peer-reviewed scientific research articles written by Arkansas physicians, residents, medical students, and other healthcare professionals, as well as timely feature articles on the latest issues facing physicians. The Journal also serves as a communications tool for our members, sharing important news, events, and advocacy efforts that members need to know.

In order to meet the growing digital needs of our members, the Journal will now be printed and mailed bi-monthly to all of our members. In the months between the printed edition, an online-only version will be produced that will only feature scientific articles and case studies.

As technology advances, we look forward to finding new ways to reach our members. But one thing will remain the same, and that’s our commitment to high-quality publications for our members and to advancing the practice of medicine in the state of Arkansas.