AMS To Coordinate PPE Requests

In a recent phone call with AMS staff, Governor Asa Hutchinson expressed his commitment to getting PPE into the hands of community-based physician practices. The Governor has announced plans to make large purchases over the next few weeks and a portion of those purchases will be set aside for our medical clinics.

AMS has agreed to be the coordinating entity to determine the needs and to help get PPE into the areas it is most needed. If your practice does not have PPE and you have been unable to get it through your normal purchasing channels, we may be able to help. However, please understand that supplies will continue to be limited until the supply chains can catch up with the demand. We understand that some PPE suppliers are beginning to get product shipments and you should check with them before contacting AMS.

If your clinic does not have PPE and is unable to obtain what you need from your normal supplier, complete the online form and click SUBMIT.


AMS will compile the information and will be working with the Arkansas Department of Health and Department of Emergency Management to fulfill the requests as supplies become available.

Because these supplies will continue to be limited, priority areas will receive PPE first. These areas will likely include counties and/or cities with existing or growing COVID-19 cases. We will be working diligently to get everyone PPE who is in need, but we ask for your patience as we may not be able to fill every request.