AMS President Shares His Journey in Medicine


Lifelong Arkansan Chad Rodgers, MD, likes to say that he was born into medicine – and born to live in Little Rock, Arkansas. “I have pretty much lived my life inside a five-mile radius,” joked Rodgers, who resided outside the state only once, during his undergraduate years at Baylor University in Waco, Texas. “I love Little Rock, and I’ve made my life here.”

His love for the practice of medicine was inherited as well according to Rodgers, who spent plenty of time around it as a child. He explains, “My father, Charles ‘Shot’ Rodgers, is a retired family physician. While he made rounds, or was working in the ER, I used to hang out in the Baptist doctors’ lounge. Also, we were always going to AMS and AAFP meetings around the state. I met a lot of wonderful doctors through my father.” Rodgers admired his father’s passion – and compassion – and from an early age, sought to emulate them by choosing a healing profession. “Initially, I thought about the ministry,” he recalled, “but medicine turned out to be the best fit.”

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