Governor Issues Mandate for Face Coverings

Today (7\16) Governor Asa Hutchinson issued a statewide mandate ordering that every person in Arkansas must wear a face covering over the mouth and nose. This mandate covers both indoor and environments where there is exposure to non-household members and where six feet of social distancing cannot be assured.
“We applaud Governor Hutchinson for taking this critical step forward in our fight to contain the virus. Every physician and every public health worker knows the importance of this welcome news,” said David Wroten, AMS Executive Vice President.
There are exemptions to the mandate and public health directive, but law enforcement and local officials will have the authority and are encouraged to enforce this directive. A violation of the order will be considered a misdemeanor offense, which is punishable by a fine of $100-$500.
The mandate goes into affect Monday, July 20 and expires when the public health emergency is over.
We will link to the official directive as soon as it becomes available.