Safe Surgery 2020 Campaign Ramps Up

The value of medical school and residency is under attack legislatively. Every legislative session, Arkansas physicians (as well as physicians in every other state) are faced with scope of practice legislation that threatens patient safety and devalues medical school and residency training.

Safe Surgery Arkansas is a coalition of patients and physicians formed in response to the passage of Act 579 by the 2019 Arkansas General Assembly. The act allows optometrists to perform certain surgical procedures on the eye and eyelids. SSA has successfully placed this initiative on the November ballot. This is the FIRST TIME voters are being given the opportunity to vote on a scope of practice expansion.

The House of Medicine is standing together! The Arkansas Medical Society, Arkansas Osteopathic Medical Association, Arkansas specialty and county medical societies, American Medical Association, American Academy of Ophthalmology, and state ophthalmological societies, ALL support this effort.

Physicians of all specialties across the US are contributing to the Safe Surgery Arkansas campaign to ensure patient safety, delivered through the highest quality of care that can only be provided by medical school and residency training.

Donations can be personal or corporate, unlimited in amount, and are not tax-deductible and are reportable.

Online donations can be made at or mailed to Safe Surgery Arkansas, PO Box 56170, Little Rock, AR 72215.