More PPE Has Arrived!

We received 790 boxes of PPE yesterday! We will begin sorting and distributing it to more member and non-member clinics around the state. We’d like to send a big thank you to the UAMS medical students who came to help unload the 18-wheeler truck.  Aubrie Hanson, Ashley Alston, Molly Kyle, Gelina Busling, and Tim Trotter were a huge help and we couldn’t have done it without them!

If your clinic continues to have difficulty finding PPE through private suppliers, please fill out the AMS PPE Form below.

NOTE: If you completed a PPE form prior to 9/11/20, it is important that you complete a new one. Forms completed prior to 9/11/20 will be de-activated so that our list reflects current needs. (Please only list those items that you are unable to purchase or unable to purchase at a reasonable price).


PLEASE SUBMIT ONLY ONE FORM PER CLINIC. If your clinic has multiple locations please include the needs of all locations on one form.