E-prescribing Requirement Clarified

AMS has reviewed the just released language in the CMS final rule that relates to the Medicare mandate for e-prescribing controlled substances. CMS is sticking to their original effective date of 1/1/2021 but they are providing an additional 12 months for prescribers to come into compliance.

AMS is seeking to ensure that this 12 month allowance also applies to the Arkansas statute that states in part, ” This act is effective on and after the later of:

(1) January 1, 2021; or

(2) The certification by the Attorney General that the United States Department of Health and Human Services requires mandatory electronic prescribing.”

We believe that since prescribers have an additional 12 months to comply with the Medicare rule, that should also apply to the Arkansas requirement. However, we strongly encourage physicians who already have the capability to e-prescribe controlled substances begin doing so on 1/1/21 and that those who are not currently capable start now to come into compliance.