Financial Assistance Available for Integrating PDMP Data with EMRs

The Arkansas Department of Health has announced the receipt of a CDC grant to cover the licensing costs for integrating information from the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP) into your electronic medical record. Please read the message below from the PDMP staff. The grant funding is available for clinics who are already integrated as well as those wishing to integrate. AMS does not know the amount of the grants or how long the grant money will last, so we encourage AMS members interested in this to utilize the link in the ADH message as soon as possible.

Dear Healthcare Provider,

The Arkansas Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (AR PDMP) is excited to announce that through the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Overdose Data to Action Grant awarded to the Arkansas Department of Health, short-term funding is now available for hospitals, pharmacies, physician clinics, dental offices and other healthcare clinics for the integration of the AR PDMP into electronic health records and/or pharmacy dispensing software. By using the Arkansas PMP Gateway system administered by Appriss Health, you and all Arkansas providers can access patients’ controlled substance prescription history data quickly to decrease the misuse of controlled substances,  prevent possible drug interactions, and to provide better patient care. Integrating the AR PDMP into your electronic health records/pharmacy dispensing software will provide a more seamless route to utilize the AR PDMP.

 Click here to learn more about integrating Arkansas PDMP data into your electronic health system/pharmacy management system.

Funding for this enhancement is dependent on grant funding availability.  


Arkansas Department of Health
Prescription Drug Monitoring Program