Turn Your Spare Change into Action for ARKMED-PAC

Over the past two centuries, innovation in health care has been the cornerstone of physicians providing the best patient care. Today we’re applying that same innovation to take our ArkMed-PAC fundraising efforts to the next level, which is why we’re partnering with GoodChange.  

Headquartered in Arkansas, GoodChange is a new online giving platform that creates spare-change fundraising campaigns. With a similar setup process to that of Venmo or CashApp, the ArkMed-PAC GoodChange campaign is a simple three-step automated process. To get started, you will:

Every time you make a purchase with that card, the spare change will be calculated to the even dollar. At the end of the week, all change will be added up and a one-time charge will be placed on your account.

For the average person, this will total up to about $32/month or $8/week in contributions. It is a recurring donation that naturally fluctuates with your own budget – when you are spending more, you give more and when you spend less, you give less. You will also be able to press “pause” anytime you need to, giving you control of your contribution.

Imagine the impact we could have on the political climate for Arkansas physicians if every member of the Society gave their spare change to the ArkMed-PAC. $32 per month per member would change our ability to support those lawmakers who support physicians and common sense governing in Arkansas.

By partnering with GoodChange, physicians will be able to painlessly and regularly contribute to our advocacy efforts, and in return AMS will be able to provide more resources to those physician-friendly candidates who support the Society’s mission of empowering physicians and improving medicine in Arkansas.