Webinar THIS TUESDAY, 6-27: Protecting & Educating Against Workplace Violence

Join us on TUESDAY, JUNE 27 at 12 p.m. for a special one-hour, live webinar on protecting and educating against workplace VIOLENCE.

Many practices fail to educate staff on protecting themselves from violence until it is too late. If education is provided, the focus tends to be on active shooter situations rather than the more common types and warning signs of violence.

Workplace violence in healthcare has become such an issue, legislation has been introduced that requires certain healthcare and social service employers to take specific steps to prevent workplace violence. In this session, the speaker will use real-world examples as well as personal experience to highlight risks and warning signs. 

Attendees will be instructed on the importance of policies as well as conducting security vulnerability assessments to find risk factors within their facility and will be given a take-home template. Information on creating and implementing an emergency action plan will also be provided. 


•Identify workplace violence, warning signs, and how it affects staff and operations.

•Review the responsibilities of management and staff in identifying, preventing, and protecting individuals from workplace violence.

•Express the need for an emergency action plan to address workplace violence and create protocols for transitioning from patient care to self-preservation.