State Legislature

ASMB Proposes New and Amended Rules

On Thursday, August 3, 2017, the Arkansas State Medical Board will hold public hearings on several proposed rule amendments and new rules. Comments can be submitted to the Board until the August 3rd public hearing. Among the proposals: Amendment to Regulation 2(4), listing the prescribing of excessive amounts…

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Where’s My Doctor

"Where's my doctor?" We get that question a lot. It happens often when a physician leaves a practice, usually as an employee. Under most employment contracts the practice – either under hospital or physician ownership – retains ownership of the medical records when a physician leaves. However, the departing physician has a relationship with…

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Misinformation Abounds on PDMP Mandate

The AMS office has received several calls over the past couple of weeks about Act 820, which mandates checking the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program prior to prescribing certain medications. Apparently, some hospitals are incorrectly telling their medical staff that the Act is already in effect. In other cases,…

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