Legislator Locator

Follow the steps to locate and contact your legislative leaders. Need Help? Click Here

Legislative Alerts

During sessions of the Arkansas General Assembly, updates are sent by mail or email, depending on your preference. They recap of the week’s activities at the Capitol and let you know how to contact your representatives. When the assembly is not in session, we send alerts to let you know of any urgent legislative issues or political needs.

Using this tool:

After entering your zip and address, scroll to the bottom to locate your STATE Representatives and Senators.  To send a message, click the box next to your House and Senate legislator, then click “compose” to send them a message.

To leave a phone message at the Capitol for your legislator, call the numbers below and leave a BRIEF message asking them to call you back.

  • 501-682-2902 (Senate)
  • 501-682-6211 (House)

What do I say to my legislator? 

Sample Communication via phone message:  This is Dr. Smith and I live in (town or district).  I would like to talk to you about why I oppose (or support)  the bill on (name of issue or bill number).  Please call me back at (cell phone number is best).

When the legislator returns your call, politely and briefly explain why you are opposed or support the bill you referenced in your voice mail, and also provide one or two real-world examples as to how you and your patients would personally be effected if the bill were to pass or fail.  Be persistent while being polite.

For other tips on communicating with your legislator, download our Toolkit here.