It’s easy to sit back and wish for the changes we would like to see in health care, but we simply cannot stand by while other special interest groups make health care work for their good instead of the good of physicians and our patients. We have the opportunity to work together to develop legislation that can make a difference in the profession of medicine and the health of our state as a whole.

ARKMED-PAC is a non-partisian political action committee that takes all donations and gives to candidates that our our physician-led board approves.  This is your opportunity to be personally involved in the Arkansas Medical Society’s long history of strong advocacy for Arkansas patients. Our non-partisan Political Action Committee is led by a board of AMS members from around the state whose job is to help guide contributions to physician-friendly candidates.

When we strongly support successful physician-friendly candidates, we build closer, stronger relationships that can continue our ability to provide successful advocacy for Arkansas physicians and their patients. It truly is that simple. There is nothing more helpful to sustaining continued legislative success than to help physician-friendly candidates win their elections. The most effective and efficient way for most AMS members to help physician-friendly candidates is to contribute to the political arm of the Arkansas Medical Society, ArkMed-PAC. ArkMed-PAC needs your financial support. The stronger financially ArkMed-PAC is, the more help it can provide to those physician-friendly candidates around the state. Please join us in the fight as we attempt to do our best to become the best that we are


ARKMED-PAC is the bipartisan political action committee of the Arkansas Medical Society. Its goal is to support pro-medicine candidates in their efforts to win election to public office.

What does ARKMED-PAC do?

ARKMED-PAC makes direct contributions to pro-medicine candidates seeking election to the Arkansas Legislature, select statewide office and the Arkansas Congressional Delegation.

Where do I come in?

By being politically involved in the Arkansas Medical Society, you help influence legislators to pass, kill or amend bills — bills that shape the future of medicine and impact the welfare of your patients. Now more than ever, the changing health care environment is affecting the medical community. Becoming politically involved is the best way to ensure your voice is heard and that you are part of the solution.

If you have any questions concerning ARKMED-PAC, please contact the Arkansas Medical Society Department of Governmental Affairs at 501-224-8967 by email.

Help us fight for what matters most to medicine…

Real Change begins with real people.