buygilitySupporting Private Practice Through Group Purchasing

Through a partnership with Buygility LLC, an Arkansas based group purchasing organization (GPO), members of the Arkansas Medical Society can now reap the benefit of large group discounts.

Buygility, headed by Little Rock Urologist Dr. David Coussens, was created to help ease the financial burden of purchasing medical office supplies that have traditionally been considered “fixed-cost” items.

As an affiliate of a national group purchasing organization and through directly negotiated contracts, Buygility is able to provide its members with access to hundreds of discount programs covering thousands of medical supplies and services such as:

  • medical and surgical supplies
  • medications and vaccines
  • laboratory supplies
  • office supplies
  • furniture
  • computers
  • copiers and supplies
  • medical equipment
  • capital equipment
  • personal cell phones
  • land lines and data
  • credit card processing
  • and much more.

For more information on how your clinic can take advantage of this newest AMS member benefit, contact Buygility at (501) 400-6765.