Physicians are leaders in their communities, known by many people and whose opinions are respected. Do not underestimate your ability to turn those traits into positive advocacy for the profession and patient care. Your opinion and expertise as a constituent is vital in how legislative issues are decided.

The 2021 legislative landscape is already shaping up to be a challenging one for physicians, however, it’s not without opportunities. Influencing lawmakers is a team effort by members and the AMS staff, and we are thankful you have chosen to help us during the session.

Please reach out to the AMS staff if you need assistance with member and non-member lists, information on bills, and follow-up communication.

STAT Team Toolkit

To improve medicine’s effectiveness in the advocacy arena, the Arkansas Medical Society created a toolkit for you to use when communicating, working, and interacting with legislators to ensure the House of Medicine’s concerns on health care issues are heard.

This toolkit is designed to help you not only communicate with your legislators, but also with your peers. We need even more physicians involved to help our grassroots efforts be effective in this time of limited contact and networking that typically takes place at the Capitol during each session.

Download the toolkit here.

Do You Know a Legislator?  Let Us Know!

Please fill out the following information about who you may know in the state legislature.